My Second Philippine-made Wedding Dress

Jun 3, 2008 by

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My second Philippine-made wedding dress
by Raquel

Let me tell you about my second wedding dress. Why the second? Because I have also introduced the first wedding dress which I wore in Germany; and nope, this is not a change of wardrobe for the same wedding date

wedding gown
Raq’s first wedding dress

This is another wedding, with the same man; only we celebrated with my family and friends in the Philippines. The wedding reception was well-planned — I did the coordination from 8,000 miles away through a former boss who at that time was the general manager of the condotel where we were billeted, Fraser Place in Makati. The buffet were carefully selected, the function room lovingly decorated, the service was simply awesome; and of course, the altar for the wedding ceremony was prepared; but not fully prepared.

Oh, the priest arrived on time. The fact is, my husband is a Protestant and I am a Catholic. If we were in Germany, we would have the blessing of both church, there would be no problem. But in the Philippines; it is not that simple. So instead of the proper wedding ceremony, I took the priest aside and whispered the situation to him. He said that there would be no problem; he would just bless our union.

And what was I wearing during that time? Since I proudly wore a Philippine-made dress when I got married in Germany; I’ve already decided to pick another Philippine-made dress for the blessing in the Philippines.

Like my first wedding dress, I also had what I would jokingly call a weight-problem — I was already four months pregnant with my second child when we flew to Manila. It was not easy to find a dress and a custom-made one would take a long time to finish.

I then decided to grab a close friend for a girl’s day out and look for the right dress. We drove to Rockwell in Makati and combed the boutiques. I ended up in Sari-sari store just because I found a beige dress made of indigenous material; and it was a little elastic, too — it fitted me just right. But wait, the dress is with spaghetti strap. I don’t want to catch a cold during the reception, so after the girl’s day out — I dragged my husband to Rustan’s in Makati where we found ourselves in the Filipiniana section.

Again, I seek the creations of Dita Sandico-Ong. And I gravitated to the poncho-style shawl; again made of indigenous materials and covered with pretty beige-colored beads.

The perfect ensemble for another perfect wedding day — a Sari-sari dress and a Dita Sandico-Ong shawl. All proudly Philippine-made.

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